Want to know your “Employability Score” ??

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and know where you stand

4 Reasons why you should self-assess yourself today

Helps identify weak areas

Assessment helps you to identify your focus areas, helps you to identify your weak points and gives you direction to improve.

Fosters Confidence

Assessments help you gain confidence in your strengths. Strengthens you to overcome your weaknesses.

Makes you more competitive & Employable

Assessment gives you authentication. A badge or label of completion and raking of being better and qualified.

How self-assessment can get you a good job

Based on the score, you get a “Premium listing” in the recruitment portal

A candidate along with an assessment score is more findable and attracts more recruiters towards it.

You are better prepared for the interview as you have already attempted possible questions during your assessment.

Resume alone is not enough to get you a good job. Assessed profiles and proven skills make you more employable.